This morning Soldier lit up my world. Such small things to most families but such major communication for Soldier.

We have been away for a few days and since coming home Soldier had been getting up early.. so I have been telling him if it is still dark when you wake up go back to sleep…

So this morning he gets up and when I go through and tell him ‘it’s not morning yet’, he smiles at me, pulls his blind back and points to a crack in his shutters where sure enough it is brighter than his bedroom and he smiles….. I can’t help brimming with pride, super communication and yes, he was right ☀️

He is an iPad addict so the first thing he wants a in the morning is his iPad but he doesn’t get it until later in the day or as all of you with autistic kids know, he’d be lost to the world of his iPad and him….

We store the iPad on top of the wardrobe in our bedroom so it is out of reach. He has in the last few weeks worked out how to stand on the dining chairs. He knows no iPad in the morning so after getting dressed he comes into bed for a wee snuggle, we are still on holiday so no rush.. I head in for a shower and he pushes a dining chair through the house into our bedroom to the wardrobe, stands on the chair to reach the the iPad, and helps himself… sneaky! But great problem solving 😍 He may not be able to speak but boy can he communicate, love your Soldier 💕

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