Here we are heading back from what should have been a bit of family fun to celebrate soldier’s 9th birthday but in true ASN family style it never worked out that way….

we should have left home yesterday morning all excited for our night away at our favourite hotel  instead Soldier was in serious pain his body trying to kick start clearing chronic constipation 

We should have been in the car heading North to our destination instead we were running a deep bath at home to help soldier deal with the terrible cramps he was experiencing and calming angel who can’t cope when her brother is upset

We should have been checking in to our hotel ready to go for a swim in the beautiful pool instead we were comforting our son as his body started a poo explosion 

We should have been relaxed, happy and getting ready for dinner where we had arranged a birthday cake for Soldier to make a fuss of him instead we were in the car unsure whether it was a good idea to still go away, hoping Soldier’s situation would clear and let him enjoy his actual birthday today, giving Soldier lots of cuddles 

We should have been eating a lovely meal together as a family instead we were checking in our room and running baths for Soldier to help with his situation 

We should have been having a nightcap reminding Soldier we have one more sleep before his birthday instead we are having room service deadly quietly as Soldier is so shattered he has fallen asleep on the bed 

We should have had a fab night’s sleep in big comfy beds instead we were up and down showering Soldier as his body did what it needed to do to clear what it had been storing, so sad for our boy and hoping it would stop and give him peace soon

We should have been having a slap up Birthday breakfast making a fuss of our boy instead he was totally shattered and needed some rest, his cramps slowing down leaving him wiped out

We should have been down in the outdoor spa that he loves so much singing happy birthday to our boy instead we decided to head home as he was still suffering and clearing…

So I write this my boy is beside me in the back of the car upset leaving one of his favourite places in between being upset from cramps… and it is his 9th birthday. It makes me so sad that with his genetic disorder comes chronic constipation.. we have tried many medications under gastro consultants and yet every now and then this awful, distressing situation still happens that I can only liken to watching him go through birthing type painful cramps 😞

So this year we will be delaying Soldier’s Birthday and making a big fuss of our brave boy on Saturday, love you Soldier, life is shit (pardon the pun) and you don’t deserve this……


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