Rainbows week 3…


Was a trip to the local Pizza Hut.

Angel has been very excited about going to eat pizza with rainbows! Mummy was more nervous about leaving her… Will she sit still? Will she make a bolt for the door? Will she cope with the noise?

Well 15 little girls and all the noise and she coped so well, ate her dinner and enjoyed it! I am so proud. And so thankful for the 3 leaders who have accepted her so well into their Rainbows group. 🙂 🙂


A step into mainstream

What a lovely phone call to receive this evening. Angel has a place at one of our local rainbow packs! Max 15 girls in a local school 10 minutes walk from our home, I couldn’t be more delighted!

Our first experience of a local pack wasn’t great – a ‘closed shop’ so Angel wasn’t welcome, tonight’s call though so much more inclusive, assistant brown owl is a teacher and has special needs experience.

Her first session is in 2 weeks time after the May holiday. 6pm which is late for Angel but on a Monday when she shouldn’t be so tired. Now to start reading social stories to prepare her for what Rainbows is…

A new experience coming up..