So what’s the big deal? Lots of families check into a hotel for the night and all stay in the same room….

Well for our gorgeous little family that just hasn’t been a possibility

  • both Angel and soldier wake to a crisp bag opening so doors, bathrooms etc that you hear in a hotel is like an alarm clock to them – ping! Wide awake 😟
  • Angel takes hours to settle at night and there is no guarantee she will stay asleep
  • there are nights Angel is a hurricane and up most of the night..
  • we’ve always needed our own kitchen as Soldier finds busy restaurants too hard and gets really upset and tries to leave
  • I could go on…so we always stay in apartments or resorts with apartments

We are just back from having been asked along to a very special celebration and we though it’s 1 night, let’s be brave and stay in the hotel of the party.  Half of me thought it was a stupid idea we would regret, the other half wanted to give it a try coz you just never know do you, and it’s only one night if it’s a disaster!

So often your kids surprise you, what a great adventure all sleeping together. So we bunked up, 2 double beds, Soldier and daddy in one, Mummy and Angel in the other. Late to bed after a hectic evening and within half an hour we were all asleep, a few ‘what’s that noise?’ From Angel and even though they both woke during the night they were happy to go back to sleep 😄

Angel told us she wanted to stay in the hotel not come home and Soldier cried when he had to go to sleep himself tonight 😴 Our little adventure paid off… I doubt we could ever do more than one or two nights but it’s great to know we can at least do that now after nearly 9 years.

Lesson to me, keep on trying, it will come good!

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