It’s that magical time of year when children all over the world are getting excited about whether they have been good enough for Father Christmas to come to their house and bring them the latest toy or gadget they’ve seen on the TV or been talking to their friends about. Yes Christmas is definitely a wonderful time of the year for children. Most of them that is….

For a small group of ASN kids and young people this amazing time of the year just passes them by… And not to sound self pitying in any way but as a result it is a very different experience for their family too.

In this world simple things that are just the norm take a whole different form:

Norm: my little one is so excited about Santa
In this world: my little one hasn’t got a clue who Santa is or what Christmas is….

Norm: my little one has been talking non stop about that toy of the year that I just can’t find anywhere. They’ve written it in their letter to Santa.
In this world: I don’t have a clue what to get my little one as they don’t really play with toys….

Norm: didn’t they just look so cute at the Christmas party, it was so lovely to see them all so excited when Santa arrived
In this world: my little one was in floods of tears as he/she couldn’t cope with the sensory aspects of so many children and so much noise. They were terrified when Santa arrived as to them he’s a massive big man with a scary white beard….

Norm: Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve getting excited about being asleep when Santa arrives, Listening for his reindeers and sleigh, popping a stop here sign in the garden, leaving a carrot for Rudolph and snack for Santa
In this world: too many people and being out of routine for Christmas service is just too much for our little one. Why would this evening be different from any other, a normal day, normal routine, usual things….

Norm: getting up on Christmas morning super excited to see if Santa has been and ripping off the wrapping paper to see if Santa has brought what they really really want!
In this world: it may not even register they are presents and as for the wrapping paper that will be a parent hand over child’s hand to help them rip it off. Then maybe they may play, maybe not….

It’s funny how something so magical can be so different. Of course families living in this special little world still do all the usual things but know that maybe if they are honest they are doing it a little bit for themselves as parents and a little bit because in this special world children do surprise you and who knows what they’re really aware of.

Enjoy Christmas everyone whether you are living in the norm or in this little world it’s a very special time of the year. Hold your family close and savour them for what they are xxx

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